School is in the air...

Can you feel summer winding down? We had to hit some stores yesterday and all the mom's expressions were exactly the same. The kids are ready for their school routine to begin (although they don't want to admit it). Mom's are kind of tired of providing endless summer entertainment, but the last thing any of us want to do is shop for clothes and supplies. It's really funny to be able to exchange a glance with a mother you've never met and know they are just as annoyed, aggrevated and overwhelmed as you are.

On a lighter note, last week, one of my best friends asked me to photograph her kids in their yard. Ultimately, the portraits were going to be a surprise to her husband for their anniversary in September. She caved by day two of the completion of the gallery. I had generously bet on a week in my own mind, but she beat it. I was going to put off posting any photos from the session to keep the surprise (just in case), but since it's no longer a it goes.

I had many favorites from the session, but I picked just a couple to show. These kids are as awesome as they are beautiful and handsome. My friend's yard is amazing with lots of great light and gorgeous landscapes. Enjoy!!!

Jill and Ezra 1 Resized.jpg
Jill and Ezra 8 Resized.jpg
Jill and Ezra 31 Resized.jpg
Jill and Ezra 36 Resized.jpg
Jill and Ezra 4 Resized.jpg