The Balloon - Color or Black and White?

Lately, there's a balloon getting bopped around my house at all times. As I sit and type at this moment, two of the boys are bopping a balloon back and forth right by my head. It's quite annoying, actually. The other night, I passed Joe volleying a balloon by the light of the computer screen. The way he was lit up looked pretty cool, so I tried to recreate the look in camera. I, initially, liked the blue and red color combo, but black and white was a catchy look as well. 

What do you like...Color or Black and White?

Crazy Kid...Crazy Hair...

Just wrapping up a class that I had been DYING to take for a very long time. When it's offered, it fills up in about three seconds. I'm not exaggerating. I would have NEVER gotten in if I hadn't won an early registration code. So glad I was able to do it. Summer Murdock taught me how to look for light and shadows and how to manipulate my exposure, creatively, for more dramatic and interesting images. So fun!