New Beginnings

Going on the Bus.jpg
Justin and Joe's First Day.jpg

All thirty-three pounds of little Joe hopped on the bus for Kindergarten this week. Tough couple of days for me, but he loves it and I'm getting used to it. It's actually been kind of nice to sit and edit some pics for a post in a quiet house.

Nick has his first JV Soccer game tonight. The whole team dresses up for school on game days. He's not in love with the idea, but he sure looks nice.

Nick's First HS Game Resized.jpg

Justin started fourth grade and has wasted no time in starting his first project. He LOVES his teacher. This is an "About Me" poster and he is exploding with ideas. I'll post a shot when it's done. I think it'll be pretty cool.

By the way, I couldn't fix the bed-head. It's just too cute. 

Justin About Me 1.jpg
Justin About Me 2.jpg
Justin About Me 3.jpg
Justin About Me 4.jpg