The Orange Shirt

Oh my gosh! How often to do I photograph Joe when he is wearing an orange shirt? I think there are a couple reasons this keeps happening. One, orange is my favorite color. Another reason is that I really like the citrus green/bright orange combination and  it's pretty easy to find on a sunny summer day. So, on the mornings Joe is changing into an orange shirt, I'm immediately motivated to grab my camera and head outside.

I love being able to open my front door and just walk out to find something to do. I walk to a track for exercise class with my neighbors. We walk to playgrounds, ponds, friends' houses, baseball practice and sometimes we head out with no particular destination in mind at all.

That was today. I made the announcement and got one participant for a mini hike just to see what we could find. 


Posing Week 4_1158.jpg
Posing Week 4_1071.jpg

We hit the road running.

As we moved along the path, Joe spotted a snake that slithered across the path and into this bush. He spent quite a bit of time looking for it, but he wasn't able to spot it again. Moving on to other discoveries.

Posing Week 4_1069.jpg
Posing Week 4_1086.jpg
Posing Week 4_1097.jpg

I love that he'll still hold my hand and chat while we walk. They do grow out of that you know. 

Posing Week 4_1091.jpg

If you take a dirt trail sort of off the beaten path, and then another small steep trail off of that, you come to this dark tunnel formed by lots of brush. You can see that through the tunnel, it's super bright and you just know something pretty awesome is on the other side.

Posing Week 4_1100.jpg
Posing Week 4_1111.jpg
Posing Week 4_1106.jpg

As soon as you reach the large grassy area in front of the pond, you hear about a million frogs hop into the water. It could also be the fact that Joe runs full speed up and down the little hill squealing like a pig. It's quite funny.

Posing Week 4_1131.jpg

Time to rest up in the shade before heading home. It was here that Joe wanted to discuss some of the things he learned at his Safety Camp from the morning. An Officer went over when it is appropriate to call 911 and when it isn't. Joe and I came up with some silly and some serious scenarios. Good news...he gets it....

Posing Week 4_1115.jpg
Posing Week 4_1135.jpg
Posing Week 4_1147.jpg
Posing Week 4_1139.jpg

We got home just in time to start dinner. There was an extra kid there by the time we got back. No worries, we just fed him too.