Golfing with the Boys

We took the boys golfing yesterday. Out of 100 photographs, I chose these to share. Each photo completely summarizes the boys' experiences perfectly. Overall, on the putting green, everyone was cooperating and taking turns. It's also Joe's time to shine since he just can't quite drive the ball yet.

Getting Ready to Put Resized.jpg
Joe with Tee Resized.jpg

Joe loves the tee's and tends to play with them along the way by sticking them in the ground.

Nick Golfing Resized.jpg

Nick's getting serious and was really cracking the ball. He had a good game day.

Justin on the Course Resized.jpg

Justin was unhappy with the way he was playing. This was the look on his face after each hole. He ended the day on a good note on the driving range, though. Who wants to join us next time?