Sunburst Brush for Photoshop

Sunflare Resized.jpg

What a day. There's a ton of snow outside and it's raining on top of it. The roads are a mess and many people still don't have electricity from the Blizzard. I took a moment from isolation and tried something a little different. I decided to use a photo from a better day to play with. This is a backlit image that I took on a hike with Joe a few weeks back. The sun was up a bit higher in the sky, so I wasn't really able to catch it in the frame. To get the effect from the sun, I used a Sunburst Brush and blended it on Overlay. I did select a very light yellow and adjusted the hue a bit to further blend the effect of the brush. I did have a some fun in RadLab, too.   

That was fun! Anybody have anything else I could try?