Family Heirloom Photos

Lynn's Family_3722.jpg
Lynn's Family_3755.jpg
Lynn's Family_3776.jpg
Lynn's Family_3794.jpg
Lynn's Family_3835.jpg
Lynn's Family_3861.jpg

I've been dying to post a few shots from a really fun shoot done in November. I knew the final images were going to be a gift, so I held out incase there was any snooping going on ;0)

Such a fun family! We were able to get lots of traditional poses as well as some creative shots that the kids and families came up with. Once I know I've got a really good handful of the must have images, I love to mix it up and get ideas from the group. This always helps to end every session on a positive note and adds variety to the client's gallery.

Thank you to these families near and far. I really enjoyed working with all of you!