Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L ii

Just got a new lens yesterday and I've been chasing around anyone who will help me practice. This silly one is always willing to show off and let me do my thing. I'm not sure how much more time I have with him not minding the camera so much. The other two are soooo over me.

Joe Spiderman 1 Resized.jpg
Joe Spiderman 2 Resized.jpg
Joe Spiderman 4 Resized.jpg
Joe Spiderman 3 Resized.jpg

I shot these images at ISO 800. My aperture was as wide open as I could go at f/2.8. I spot metered off of Joe's face and I was able to find a sweet spot at 1/125, which allowed for nicely exposed, sharp images. I find that picture behind him annoying in the shots, but I'll survive.

The only editing I did was in ACR. I fixed the white balance, exposure and highlights just a bit. That was fun. Just don't think I'll get any more helping hands for today.