We just got back from a Florida vacation! Holy hot! My sister-in-law and her family live just around the corner from the parks. The boys just want to see their cousin, but having the parks close by is a nice bonus. We always start our visits with quick little shots of the kids together.

We spent our first day at Sea World. The Sting Ray tank was a real hit. I liked the Heron that hangs out at the tank the best. He'll swoop right in and snatch fish from people who are trying to feed the rays. It's pretty funny.

We did need a rest from time-to-time.

There's something cool about pelicans, too.

The polar bears were asleep.

Joe lost his temper a little when Justin wouldn't move his hand right away on the interactive camera.

It was a full day and Nick was pooped, so we headed back to the house.

Day 2: Magic Kingdom...

If you think these people are hot, take a look at these three...

It was a fun day, but definitely the hottest.

We gave all the kids a break and had a pool day. They swam into the night most days.

My sister-in-law wanted some portraits of my niece. Twist my arm, right! We took lots of different shots and I like them all. I thought I'd pick just one to show.

Then, it was off to Hollywood Studios. It was a cooler day (if you can even say that). We lasted longer and did almost everything in the park.

Finally, more downtime.

It was an awesome trip and a great time with family and friends. I even met some new friends. Staying with family has it's perks for sure. Free beds, even free transportation, but is anything REALLY free?

Thanks Auntie Dana, Uncle Mike and Bella. Maybe we can come back next year...

...if Joe ever recuperates.