Florabella Classic Workflow Actions

I did a little playing around with an image today using Florabella's Classic Workflow Actions. These are my all time favorites. The actions are clean with slight variations. You can make them more dramatic and contrasty (I took that down a bit for this shot). I know...the little girl isn't looking at me, but I always go for the more natural images and something really cool must have caught her eye. I also liked here little flower.

As far as the actions are concerned, I love the cool effect from Classic Film and how it tweaks the blue jean color just a bit. Color Lush not only adds more color pop, but you can select where you want to add that pop as well. I turned on the hazy layer in Classic Bright for a softer effect. The richer actions both create darker, moody midtones, while the classics keep the look crisp and clean.

I shot this image in RAW and brought the exposure up one stop in Lightroom before running all the actions. I've seen this exercise done on other sites, but I had to try it on one of my own images. I'm a huge Florabella fan.